Josh Cote of EA Worldwide Acquisitions has been heavily influenced by one of today’s most successful entrepreneurs, Brendon Burchard. Here, Josh Cote describes how he has implemented Burchard’s advice to create a successful business.

Josh Cote has read many of Brendon Burchard books and believes he can help change your mindset and help you be successful in the business world; Many of Mr. Burchard’s books back up the message delivered at EA Worldwide Acquisitions.

Brendon Burchard is a best-selling author for the New York Times and has dedicated himself to helping millions of people transform their lives through his teachings – including the book ‘The Millionaire Messenger’. When Burchard was 19, he narrowly survived a car accident. He woke to find himself on the crumpled hood of his wrecked car and was made explicitly aware of the concept of mortality. This experience changed Brendon and taught him that it is important to live a fully engaged life.

There are 6 business lessons from the teachings of Brendon Burchard that have inspired Josh Cote. They include the following:

‘Get consistent’ – one of the most common traits among successful people. Focus on being consistent once a week, and build up from there.

‘Get focused’ – successful entrepreneurs should be extremely productive throughout the entire day, and time should always be spent adding value somewhere.

‘Get committed’ – successful entrepreneurs will be committed to something much bigger than personal desires. Be committed to finding out solutions to problems, rather than just giving up.

‘Get intentional’ – it’s important to live every day intentionally to make sure that life goals and dreams are accomplished.

‘Be patient but always persistent’ – be hard on each day, but never on yourself. At times of frustration, it is important to just keep going.

‘Be humble’ – even the most successful person never stops learning!

Based in London, EA Worldwide Acquisitions is the UK’s leading outsourced sales and marketing firm. Lead by successful entrepreneur and businessman, Josh Cote, the firm takes care of their client’s sales and marketing needs via highly effective face-to-face marketing campaigns that are managed by the firm’s highly trained sales contractors.

As a successful entrepreneur, Josh Cote is a respected mentor to other business professionals within the industry and enjoys sharing his expertise and business advice. Like Brandon Burchard, Josh Cote leads a fully charged life and tackles each day head on to ensure he never stops learning and improving.