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About EA Worldwide Acquisitions

EA Worldwide Acquisitions is a leading outsourced sales and marketing company that specialises in customer acquisition and retention, as well as lead generation for a diverse portfolio of clientele.  We pride ourselves in giving our clients what they desire most: RESULTS!  Our company focuses on face-to-face sales through business-to-business, events or business-to-consumer in order to create the most direct personal link between clients and potential and existing customers.

How we do it

Rather than attempting to accomplish this goal through the use of more traditional mass media forms of advertising, we utilise a more pro-active approach. We use our experience to help our clients to drastically decrease the gap between indirect marketing and the customers’ needs. It is difficult for the average consumer to keep up with the ever-changing world of technology and products, therefore our form of direct marketing allows the consumer to be informed and make educated decisions. Our form of direct marketing adds a personal touch where the consumer does not feel the pressure of “The Sale,” but rather feels “Fully Informed” and able to buy.

Why we get results

As compared to direct mail or telemarketing, we will develop a rapport with a prospective customer and address their specific needs with the advantage of visual demonstrations and product samples. This rapport will also aid in the retention of the customer. When we fulfil our obligation to our clients by increasing their customer base, revenues will continue to increase due to consumer awareness and repeat business from the new and existing customers. We will guarantee a professional presentation in order to maximize the amount of business we generate for our clients.

Want to know more?

EA Worldwide Acquisitions is managed by entrepreneur Josh Cote. Visit his website for more information about his achievements and his role in the direct marketing industry.