Business consultant and owner of EA Worldwide Acquisitions Josh Cote believes innovation should be made a top priority for all business owners looking to stay ahead of their competitors.

Creating a culture of innovation requires time – just like building a reputation and establishing market share. Josh Cote believes that the end result of such hard graft is well worth it when the firm is able to innovatively adapt and thrive in response to marketplace fluctuations.

Short term, slap-dash actions like putting an Xbox or widescreen television in the break room can be tempting courses of action for some business owners, but EA Worldwide Acquisitions owner Josh Cote wants business owners to see the bigger picture. This is because, unfortunately, innovation isn’t something that can be plucked out of thin air. It is widely regarded as a mind-set that comes as a result of a company-wide concentrated effort to harness forward-thinking and creativity.

“Having ideas is just the starting point. Establishing innovation in your business is an outcome - it’s the end result, and not a singular activity in itself. From what I’ve seen, being innovative is about solving problems and finding new approaches – whether that be the business model itself, logistics or recruitment,” claims Josh Cote.

Most importantly, Josh Cote explains that involving everyone in the company to ‘buy in’ to the ‘culture onboarding’ process is essential, as innovation can take any form and come from any one individual in the firm.

“Although individuals should take responsibility for their own professional performance, effective leadership is responsible for creating a culture of innovation. Leaders should offer a safety net – a capacity for failure that will let team members try slightly riskier things,” suggests Josh Cote.

Based in London, EA Worldwide Acquisitions in an outsourced sales and marketing firm lead by entrepreneur and consultant Josh Cote. Mr. Cote is dedicated to fostering the greater education of entrepreneurship, business development and opportunities for individual development and growth. Josh Cote also has a business consultancy, EAW Consulting, where he identifies ways to optimise and improve performance, in pursuit of excellence.