It was recently revealed that England rugby coach Eddie Jones has decided to place restrictions on his team’s mobile phone use in a bid to increase efficiency, and EA Worldwide Acquisitions have reviewed the potential benefits from such a move.

EA Worldwide Acquisitions understand that here is already a smartphone ban in place during team meals and meetings, but this is likely to be heavily extended. The firm point out that while technology is boosting workplace productivity for businesses globally – it’s also hurting others, and that’s why inappropriate mobile phone use at work is often included in articles such as, ’10 distractions that kill workplace productivity’.

EA Worldwide Acquisitions are interested to observe the crackdown within England Rugby has been spearheaded by visual awareness guru Dr. Sherylle Calder, who has been taken on as a consultant for the team in the build up to the next Rugby World Cup in 2019. Calder has previously worked with some of the world’s best golfers, NFL players and Formula One drivers. She is of the opinion that the saturation of digital technology in contemporary life inhibiting the development of England’s rugby players and their visual awareness.

EA Worldwide Acquisitions believes that if a similar restriction on mobile phones was implemented in working environments across London skill levels and efficiency would likely improve. However, EA Worldwide Acquisitions believe that not all workplace distractions can be so quickly attributed to smartphone or social media use; gossiping with co workers, unnecessary meetings and frequent smoke and snack breaks also big time wasters. It is really up to individuals how well they want to focus. EA Worldwide Acquisitions are advocates of clever apps like ‘StayFocusd’ – a Google Chrome extension that denies access to certain websites after the time limit on each is reached for the day.

The firm believes that, although individuals should take responsibility for their own professional performance, effective leadership is responsible for managing the overall focus on goals for time spent at the workplace. If leadership fail to set expectations for a team to achieve, then the team will set their own and do what they want – including participating in some of the time wasting activities mentioned previously.

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