Successful business owner and consultant; Josh Cote of EA Worldwide Acquisitions Ltd and EAW Consulting led a recent seminar for 100+ business owners to educate them on the different forms of recruitment available to them, as business owners, to help them recruit and retain top talent.

As a business owner and mentor, Josh Cote regularly hosts industry meetings for the sales and marketing industry. The most recent event was a two-day seminar, which took place across the 27th and the 28th of January. Business owners within the sales and marketing industry from across the UK as well as South Africa, Canada, USA and Australia travelled to attend the meetings

The event was held at the Hilton London Bankside, the venue offers large-scale conference facilities and offers unique areas such as a breath-taking ballroom ideal for networking. Located close to some of London’s most famous landmarks such as The Shard, the Hilton London Bankside was both practical and unique.

The two-day seminar was filled with exciting guest speakers and interactive talks covering a range of topics such as: creating a vision for a brand, online recruitment with a special focus on LinkedIn, social media, and best head hunting practices.

As well as hosting the event, business owner Josh Cote also led an exciting networking opportunity which allowed everyone from within the sales and marketing industry to connect and learn from each other. Mr Cote feels that this is an incredibly meaningful and vital part of entrepreneurship and highlights how making the right connections can help lead to increased success.

Not only was the event a fantastic opportunity to learn and network but Josh Cote also offered an opportunity for one lucky business owner to win a new car and revealed details of an exciting performance-based competition to do so. He is sure that this is a hugely motivating and rewarding competition that will help the industry boost results.

As host of the event, Josh Cote has shared that he felt it was important to have all of the UK industry leaders in one place. “Being able to learn from one another and all understand the importance of certain topics is vital for helping the industry to advance as a whole,” revealed the entrepreneur.

Josh Cote believes that the event was a huge success and is confident that there will be a dramatic increase in results across the industry as a whole, with new leaders expected to thrive.

Josh Cote is an entrepreneur and business owner dedicated to fostering the greater education of entrepreneurship, business development and opportunities for individual development and growth.