Entrepreneur and business consultant Josh Cote spent the last few days in Cape Town, South Africa, speaking to the country’s next generation of up-and-coming business owners about how to set up their brands successfully.

During one of his speeches, the owner of EAW Consulting revealed statistics that indicated 97.2% of people now conduct research online before going for a job interview. He believes the consequences of which now means that simply having social media pages is not enough

Active engagement is required with all target audiences, or people won’t buy in to your channel’s content. As a business owner, you are part of your company’s brand, and when people Google you they should come across credible content that positions you as such.”

Mr. Cote’s international travel is almost solely dictated by his speaking engagements and commitment to helping others improve both themselves and their businesses across a variety of different areas. The American-born consultant has been based in London for the last 10 years, and has seen how British business recruiting has evolved with the rise of digital and social technologies – prompting a belief that branding plays a vital role in attracting and retaining top talent.

When people Google you or your company what do they see?”, Mr. Cote asked his audience, which prompted a lively discussion. The consultant then reiterated the connection between the online profile of the business owner and the business itself, explaining today’s branding requirements of owners on both a personal and professional level.

It was clear from the way Mr. Cote focused on this area that he wanted his audience to build their online brands in a coherent and sincere way, so that they could demonstrate authority and credibility on their given areas of expertise;

Building a sense of authority in your online branding takes a consistent effort over an extended period of time. As your content bank grows and your social presence increases, your brand will go from strength to strength,” stated Mr. Cote.

As a consultant specialising in business development, team building, motivational speaking, and sales & acquisitions, Mr. Cote believes he has a lot to offer budding entrepreneurs across the globe. The EAW Consulting owner has been actively increasing his own online presence of late in a bid to provide further resources and follow up to his motivational and educational speaking engagements.